Palm Springs 1961

This was a New Years Eve party designed for the Historical Society of Arcane Eating Practices. The theme was  Palm Springs 1961. We imagined a back story for our fictional hostess, a social climbing housewife who was eager to impress her new neighbors with aspirational and complicated French cuisine. We sourced recipes from Julia Childs' cookbook. We found period tableware at Goodwill, thrift stores are flooded with crystal and silver. We rented a mid-century modern house built in 1961. My favorite part was styling the food, it was fun recreating such an unfashionable look.

Conceptual Haunted House

I had the amazing opportunity to design a haunted house this Halloween. The idea of creating a space that generates fear really excites me. Instead of a house that exploits our collective fears; I wanted to explore the individual fears that drive our lives. I wanted the visitors to feel like they were intruding on the living space of the characters. This haunted house navigates the existential fears of its inhabitants. I co-designed the sound, the sets, and the lighting



This was a decoration for a Wild West themed Carnival. We wanted to let people know that an event was going to happen and to hint at the theme.  Despite all the street's foot traffic, the fence is so nondescript that it doesn't attract attention. We decided to use the top of the fence so it could be seen and to deter vandalism. We also couldn't depict any violence or guns- tough parameter for a Wild West theme! We decided to weave hay along the top of the fence and to show a band of outlaws peeking over it.



The Museum of People

This building preserves people in two ways. The audio lab allows users to record their lives. The Cryonics lab preserves their bodies. I wanted to create a future cemetery. A site where the deceased are still knowable through their audio recordings and the public display of their bodies. When reanimation is a possibility, the exhibits will resume living. 

I Know What You Did Last Summer

I made these collages based upon iconic tourist spots in Camden, London. I layered hundreds of vacation photos found on a search of google images. The resulting pictures show that our experiences are often exactly the same. The small differences in the snapshots show the flow of seasons, the passing of time, and the changing cityscape.

White Model

laser cut acrylic, vacuum formed plastic

This is a model of an entrance to an ordinary apartment building. It was boring to pay attention to something so plain, until tiny details became visible. This model shows the slope of the floor and the patterns of movement around the site. Over repeated visits, I observed and documented the same set of dog feces. Pieces of it would break off and move to other locations. The poo would reconstitute and dry out according to changes in the weather. Several shoes stamped the floor, leaving perfect footprints. The ball and track represent the trail behind a single piece of poo.