new idea

Last week I had an idea. I was staying over at a friend’s house because she saw a  huge spider in her living room.  She was absolutely terrified and practically moved out of her house because of it. I thought this was a ridiculous and extreme reaction- until I started thinking about what I am afraid of. I am terrified of snakes. If I found one in my house I would probably consider moving too. My fear of snakes is irrational, I have never had a traumatic experience with one, or even much contact. It is a fear I inherited from my mom (I bet you anything, children learn and adopt fears from observing their parents’ reactions).

So my idea is about this fear that everyone has. This irrational fear of one animal for no good reason. I will work on my own fear first. I am going to create a device that will alter how I feel about snakes. I loathe the way they move and their legless, disgusting bodies. I will make a  sort of prosthetic device that will not only change the way a snake looks but also how it moves.  I find this idea intriguing because of what it says about me. Instead of overcoming my fear, I am going to adapt it to be less fearful to me. It makes a really selfish statement that amuses me.